Instructions to Fill Online

Please review the fillied informations carefully. If you would like to change any information entered, you may do so before pressing on ‘Submit’ button. After pressing ‘Submit’ button system prompts for final submission. On Click of ‘Yes’ final submission is done, on click of ‘No’ the form shall not be submitted and user can make necessary changes.

On final submission of the form a registration number shall be generated. This number shall be used for further reference. Eg.: GNMCOUN2017xxxx.

On final submission of the form you will be redirected to Acknowledgement Page. You need to Download Application Form by clicking "Download Application" button. The opens in Adobe Reader (To Download Adobe Reader click here - You need to carry a PrintOut of this application during your Counselling along with all the appropriate Documents.

Click "PayNow" Button present in Acknowledgement Screen to proceed to Payment. On successfull completion of payment you will receive a number that must be filled in your application form.
*It is mandatory to update payment details (bank journal no) in your application without fail. Non update payment detail application will be rejected.